Your Guide to Tech Meet Ups

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May 9, 2012

Tech Meet Ups are becoming more and more popular as like minded individuals with a passion for technology share their interests and knowledge. It is also a platform where companies can have a few minutes to demonstrate their latest creations in front of an appreciative audience. MeetUps can take place in any city, in any country as the objective is to get people together to learn from each other. It gives attendees an opportunity to discover what communities are around them in their local area. There are no restrictions involved and every aspect of technology is open for discussion.

Tech meetups

It’s not difficult to locate where MeetUps are taking place as most techies are quite open and keen to spread the word as to upcoming events. Often leaflets will be handed out from previous meets as to when the next one might be occurring. You might also consult a site like Facebook to research into events happening in your area.

Anyone can start their own tech meet and it might be easier than you think. One of the best ways to begin would be to once again utilise the many social networking sites and getting a taste of who might be interested. Fundamentally you would need to have viable topic; one which you feel will inspire people. If you can garner enough interest from around 10 people or more, then you are half way there.

Tech meetup

Most tech meets incorporate a format and ideally you would want to have at least two speakers in the chosen field. You will have to plan the proposed length of the speeches as you want people to be and stay interested. If a speech is too long then the audience is likely to get bored and will invariably lose interest. A good target to aim at would be around 30 -45 minutes as concentration is kept at its peak during these parameters. You should aim to host the event yourself and try to be visible most of the evening.

The venue itself is important as it needs to be of a reasonable size and a place where you can cater for drinks and light bites. This is important as after the speeches, it would be a good idea to chat informally with the attendees and gain feedback from the evening. At this point, ideas and opinions about future events can be collected. If you get all the factors in place, then there is no reason why your event will be nothing but successful.

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