5 Major Reasons to not Buy the Apple iPhone 4s

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December 7, 2012

The Apple iPhone 4s was released amid much fanfare. The device was touted as a game changer in the smartphone segment. The device that was released was pretty impressive and far more advanced than its predecessors. The iPhone 4S comes with a faster processor, a better camera and the Siri. The Siri is the star feature of the iPhone 4S. It is an application that doubles as an advanced personal assistant as well as a navigator.

Despite these great features, the phone does have some major glitches. We will be documenting 5 major reasons to not buy the Apple iPhone 4S.

  • Disappointing battery life– Apple phones are traditionally known for their long battery lives. However, the iPhone 4S has been reported to lose its battery life very quickly especially when using 3G for data transfer and also when recording or playing videos. This is a very big disappointment for the users of the iPhone 4S.
  • Siri- Siri is the biggest draw to the iPhone 4S. The smart assistant can get you the weather or details about the newest restaurant in town. However, users have reported several issues with this smart- assistant. One reason being the failure to recognize non-native English speakers and other languages. There is another reason that on being asked a question, wherein the Siri refuses to work and responds by saying it cannot connect to the network.  The biggest failure being the inability to provide information or directions when you are living outside America.
  • Screen Tinting/Yellowing- Several users of the iPhone 4s has complained of a yellowish tint on the screens of their phone. This was more evident when compared to the screen of the iPhone 4. Some attribute this yellowing to the glue that is used to hold the glass to the phone. They say that the tint in the screen is because this glue has not dried off. They also believe that this problem will be solved on its own.  However, some have argued that the entire screen appears washed out and this cannot be because of the glue not drying off.
  • Camera issues- Apple has made a big hue about the 8 MP cameras in their device. However, much to the disappointment of everyone. Despite being a great addition the camera doesn’t have anything new to offer as there are several other devices in the same segment that offer better cameras and image quality.  Some users have complained about the slow shutter which refuses to open even when the camera is launched.
  • Competition- The smartphone segment is a highly competitive one and as a result there are several tough competitors to the Apple iPhone 4S. One example is the Samsung Galaxy S II which offers more or less the same features at a lesser price.

The Apple iPhone 4S is a delicate device and needs to be protected properly. You can protect your phone with case mate iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S cases.

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