6 Reasons Your Android Device Needs an Antivirus App

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May 23, 2017

Android is the most widely used mobile OS. This also means that it has higher risk of getting attacked by hackers and viruses. If you have an Android device, it is important to protect all your data and the phone’s software itself using a good antivirus program. You can easily Download Top Antivirus on Google Play to ensure that your mobile device and your data remains safe.

Here are 6 reasons why an Android phone needs protection using the right antivirus program.

AVG 41. Android is the Most Widely Used Mobile Platform

As if it is not already the most widely used mobile OS, Android continues to grow at a fast rate in terms of popularity. If there is one operating system that is on the top list of hackers, it is Android. The more popular a software is in this domain, the bigger the target it is going to be. So make sure to protect your Android device using the right software.

2. You Store Crucial Data on your Android Device

You store crucial data on you Android device and the hackers know it. People have all types of personal and financial data on their smartphones. You use it for completing bank transfers, keeping your personal photos, details of your social media accounts, and even other crucial personal data. In the absence of a good software, you are simply inviting hackers to attack and access your data, not to forget the damages viruses can do to your phone’s system. A Free Antivirus App may be all threat is required to protect your phone against attacks.

3. Potential for Malware Attack is Big

As already mentioned, Android is the largest mobile operating system in terms of user base. It is the top target for the growing list of malware including viruses, Trojans, worms and other threats. The largest number of malware programs are now designed to target this platform. Every year almost a million threats develop only to target this single mobile platform. If you don’t have an effective antivirus program, you are simply giving an open invitation to attack.

4. More Apps Mean Higher Threat

The Google Play Store, the official source of Android apps, is the largest source of Android apps. This means that Android users are likely to download more apps and this easily puts them at higher risk from malware threats. If you have an antivirus program on your device, all malicious files within apps will be detected and the software will prevent such apps from getting downloaded.

5. Prevents Apps from Sending Your Data

Many malicious and even good apps are designed with codes that send back your data without your permission. You can Download Top Antivirus on Google Play and prevent such apps from accessing your data and sending back to the developer or anyone else.

Many malicious apps have Trojans in them that access your data and send without you ever knowing about it. a good antivirus program can detect such activities and instantly put such applications in quarantine.

6. Peace of Mind

You may have an expensive Android mobile device. However, when it comes to protection, it is not the cost of your smartphone that matters. It is the importance of your personal, official and financial data on the device that matters. So when you install an antivirus program, you are getting peace of mind that hackers and viruses will not be able to attack or access your phone’s data.

So make sure to protect your Android device by installing the right antimalware program. You can also find Free Antivirus App that offers excellent protection.

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