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How to Use ‘Google for Mobile’ Feature for Easy iPhone and Android Apps Installation

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December 13, 2011

Google has good news for the iPhone and Android to get more benefit from their technology with just few clicks. You don’t need to get stuck in the hustle of searching for apps and waiting for your choice. The new mobile app search capability that Google offers is a state-of-the-art service that any one can enjoy using their iPhone and Android set. At present this facility is just offered to the iPhone and Android users but Google plans to support other mobile platforms, operating systems and regions in the near future.In past, you had to search for apps which you wanted to install on your sets and that required a prolonged search process and then the app would come to your phone. Now with Google mobile app search function, when you will start to search the app, the browser will automatically shift you to the download link of that relevant app for your phone. So that the user is be able to conveniently download and install that app in no time. This sounds very fascinating, because the technology can now understand the demand of your mobile phone and will submit the results at your ease.

As any technology evolves, there are positive and negative remarks associated with it. The customers have already started to try the facility on their smart phones. Many people who tried the function comments that it’s the best way and easiest option. But many others explain that the search is not as clear as it should have been. This means that if you are trying to search for an app the search result or the app required will never show up. Some of the users also say that some times such things happen that even you search for a particular app, nothing like it appears and every thing other than that shows up. I guess, as an end user we must wait for the further improvements in the technology and not at least discourage the present progress. Some thing that does well will take a bit longer. Just stay tuned to the technology news to get the updates.

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