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Don’t Even Think About Traveling Abroad Without a Cell Phone

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May 14, 2012

Cell phones serve a lot of functions in our modern world. They can help you get out of danger, they can help you find where you’re going, and they can even help you pass the time when there’s little to see and not much more to do. In a foreign country, all of these functions can be particularly helpful to you. If you get into a bad situation in a foreign country, your cell phone might even save your life.
When you think about your options regarding prepaid phones and which one you might want to take with you, you should consider why having a good cell phone is such a wise idea when you travel abroad. The following are a few good reasons why you should always have a cell phone when you travel outside your native country.


It’s a foregone conclusion that horror stories can happen in any foreign country. When you think your safety might be at risk, being able to reach out to either a local you know or the authorities is a very valuable tool for keeping yourself out of unnecessary harm. Much of the world is  not a safe place, and scammers abound almost everywhere you go. When you encounter someone who might hurt you, your ability to communicate with other people may be the only thing keeping you from being badly hurt.

This safety may not simply be to your person, either. In many cases, your safety can come down to being able to either avoid being robbed or to report such a theft as soon as possible. With a cell phone, this is relatively easy if it wasn’t also stolen. If you didn’t bring a phone in the first place, you may have a tough time post-theft.

Keeping in Touch

It’s perfectly natural to miss your family and friends back home. Without a cell phone, the best you’ll be able to do is email the folks back home. While that’s a start, it isn’t the best way to keep in contact with the people who really matter. While it’ll never be the same as actually being there in person, a human voice is definitely a good way to keep in touch.


Navigation can mean a lot of things in a foreign country. In some countries, it can take a very detailed explanation just to find an ordinary postal address. In other countries, being able to navigate around well may simply come down to being able to find a particular restaurant or other attraction. Unless you really like to wander, being able to either look up directions or call someone can make your trip a lot more enjoyable.

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