Going Mobile: We’re all doing it now

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June 23, 2011

Using a computer used to mean being stuck at a desk if you wanted to anything. Then came laptops and computing became portable, but a bit cumbersome if you wanted to do it on the move. Along came the netbook and its lighter weight made things much better, while all the while mobile broadband has slowly been getting better and helping to join up the dots when it comes to computing on the go.

On the up

Now, thanks to the advent of tablet computers and smartphones plus netbooks that get ever smaller, we’ve got an incredible choice when it comes to buying a device that not only does it all, but packs all this productivity into a much more portable and powerful package. In fact, many computer fans are beginning to ditch the conventional desktop in favour of a mobile option, and it’s not hard to see why.

For starters, getting internet access on the move is now wonderfully straightforward. Thanks to a wealth of dongle deals there are endless options for hooking up to the mobile broadband network. Add to that numerous free laptop deals provided by the networks and you already have a hard to resist path to connectivity on the go. If you’re prepared to shop around and do your homework then all of this and more can be yours for a lot less money than you might think.

What’s the secret?

The best way to secure a top deal is the use the services of a comparison website, that will enable you to get a snapshot of the many and varied packages that are available at any given time. These come and go by the day, so it’s crucial that you keep an eye on what’s up for grabs. Networks will always be offering incentives of one kind or another, so alongside free laptop deals then lookout for the gratis dongle deals, extra airtime bonuses, better data allowances plus hardware and software goodies too.

Of course, while mobile broadband has become great way to carry out most of your computing activities rather than using a traditional desktop computer, it is worth remembering that the traditional ADSL or cable broadband option is still the best way for downloading larger files, such as movies. In that respect, mobile broadband still lacks the power and efficiency to deliver on that front. Nevertheless, it can certainly do a good job of supplementing your home broadband supply.

So, if you fancy a move away from your home computer and want to take a foray into the world of mobile broadband for your internet access, then the secret is to do your research first, using a comparison website, and then dip in and give it a try. It may just transform the way you use the internet, email and your social networking accounts.

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