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Latest Karbonn S1 Titanium Mobile Features and Review

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June 21, 2013

In the technology driven era, having quad-cored processor powered Android handset is as good as bringing home Mistletoe in Christmas! The carnival of highly powered Smartphone with prolific features has touched the life at every scale and everyone’s invited to be part of this carnival. Perhaps, that could be one of the reasons why market is flooded with budgeted quad-core mobile phones in almost every sphere. Then the era Karbonn mobiles arrived, which is now a renowned name in the handset market for its prolifically bestowed low budgeted phones has tried to locate itself out from the swarm with its new addition.                                                                                                   


Design and build:

S1 has a frozen build and doesn’t flex or squeak under pressure. The entire carcass is very sturdy and rugged which promises to withstand a few knocks and falls, common in everyday use. Brilliant 4.5-inch High QHD multi touch capacitive screen display offers good touch retort and has high vividness. However as a con, the viewing angles for the screen display are quite poor. Qualcomm’s quad core processor and 1GB RAM at this price is the most impressive feature.

Processor and system interface:

The Smartphone is equipped with an ultra swift, great performer processor for lofty speed meting out & smoother operations of the device. It is outfitted with an Ultra fast 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor clocked with amazing 1 GHz RAM to loft your multi-tasking needs without breaking a sweat and giving up. Apparently, the phone is stocked by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating System which is again a promising OS in the mobile phone arena. Plus, the cherry on the cake is its dual-sim support that it braves without even breaking a sweat. You get clasp switches in the notification bar and a couple of extra settings for managing the two SIM cards. Taking a nod from its past, the company has been doing appreciatory in quenching the thirst of all techno buffs out there.


Even though the handset flaunts 5 Megapixels snapper with LED flash at its rear face but unfortunately the camera stands out as an average entertainer. Snaps that were taken up in the light of day fetched pretty good results but the true colors of the subject were slightly washed out. Another inadequacy was due to the limitation of Adreno 203 GPU, for the reason that it is only capable of recording videos only in 720p resolution. Moreover, while you’re on move and trying having a hold on video recording, it may prove out to be slightly upset. The reason is simple, snapper tries hard to focus while it moves and hence the results are quite blurred. On the other hands, the front facing VGA snapper is nothing much to brag about.

Gargantuan memory and battery:

The handset houses 4 Gigabytes onboard memory which can further be mounted up to 32 Gigabytes via external flash support. That means now you can have a hold to all your digital multimedia needs without having to worry about the space.

Whereas, the 1600 mAh battery performs pretty good in delivering the all day performance without breaking a sweat and buzzing for frequent recharges.


No doubt, the Karbonn S1 Titanium boasts truck loaded features and braves amazing specs, but having a hold over the consumers mind, company needs to do a bit more in this context. The Smartphone is budgeted and has class features with a transparent price tag makes sheer sense.  Sticking to its policy, the manufacturer did well in making the Android handy in the hands of all class of the society. Hence, despite of the few cons, the handset is overall good and thus one must try it if the budget is quite restricted.

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