Mobile rental – A money saver while travelling abroad

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August 19, 2012

Renting a cell phone is one of the best options to the people who are planning to travel abroad. Like global SIM cards you can reduce the cost on roaming calls. With a global SIM card you have to replace your existing SIM with an international SIM card, whereas in mobile rental you can enjoy the benefit of owning your own number whilst roaming from one country to the other.

You will find many companies offering different international mobile plans. With these plans paying roaming charges becomes a thing of the past; you can select the plans that are best suited to your usage. You can buy international cell phones or SIM cards and compare the best SIM only deals to make sure you’re getting value for money. They help you to stay in touch with your family and friends when travelling abroad.

Benefits of using mobile rental while travelling abroad:

  • As like your regular network you need not pay a lot on incoming, outgoing calls and texts. You can enjoy low cost services on outgoing calls
  • You can save money even when travelling anywhere in the country, most of the leading rental companies provide network coverage to almost every country
  • There are many companies who allow you to pay only for the days you travel. If you have extended your journey you will also have the opportunity to extend this rental plan accordingly
  • You may also get a battery and a charger along with the handset, so that the handset is suitable to the power system of your destination country. They are designed especially for international travel purposes, so you need not worry about compatibility of your handset and charger with the power system in your chosen destination
  • The model set provided by the rental companies would be very easy to use and convenient to make calls. You will also have the option of choosing one handset from a large variety; so that you can find one that’s just right for you
  • It is a hassle free process that best suits long-term international travelers or who are frequently abroad
  • Renting a phone is far cheaper solution than purchasing a new phone. This could be one of the best service options to manage your budget.

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