Strong and durable Mobile Phones

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June 10, 2012

The market of mobile phones has changed considerably during last 5 years. Most of mobile devices today are smartphones or tablet PCs, which include over 63% of mobile devices totally used worldwide. It is natural – we all know that smartphones are able to perform really challenging, useful, and very often – just funny tasks, like games, applications and other stuff which cannot even be compared to a usual mobile device capabilities. That’s why people pay more and more attention to smartphones – and this process seems to be only growing during the nearest years.

The reason for that is rather banal – performance level and phone purposes itself. Some years ago we used a phone in order to make calls, and nothing else. Some time afterwards the first games in color appeared – together with first colored LED displays. After that, during a few years, a mobile phone developed into something more than just a phone – it gradually became a GADGET. That meant that it was already not only used to make calls – it was used to surf the Internet, to play games, or just being used as a time-killing device while you’re waiting for your friend somewhere. An when the first smartphones on Android and I OS appeared – usual mobile phones began to fade away. They have not very much time left, because the abilities of a usual mobile phone and a smartphone are absolutely incomparable, due to different level of processing power of CPU and videochip.

But yet, there is a small niche of mobile phones which are not likely to disappear ever. They are protected mobile phones – like those which are used by US, UK and Israel military. They are positioned as extra powerful, extra solid and super-reliable devices designed for extremely aggressive usage. Usual models that are sold to civilians (for example, Sonim XP 3 Enduro) can easily be drowned, dropped from up to 30 feet, or struck with considerable power – and nothing happens to them. Personally I like them very much. Maybe the reason is in my practical approach to every single thing I buy – I really hate IPhone-like shiny toys that have to be treated with carefulness and accuracy. What’s that for? I just don’t like being afraid of dropping a phone somewhere, I don’t like having a thing which causes mental discomfort to me. Like you’re driving an expensive Pagani Zonda R on a WRC, and you are afraid to drive too fast because you can break you car.

Protected phones are a perfect choice for those who remember that a thing is only a thing – and a mobile phone is not an exception. Another reason for choosing such an old-fashioned (well, my friends think it is old-fashioned) phone is my love for active rest and fishing. I often used to drown phones during boat fishing, and that led me to a thought that I need some phone that could be so reliable that when I drop it into water, it is still able to work.

I think that I’ll make a few proofs regarding the reliability of my Sonim XP 3 and soon make a more detailed review.

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