The Advantages of Prepaid Phones

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June 20, 2012

All phones have their advantages and disadvantages, but the one thing that people around the world are looking at right now is the cost. We’re in difficult times financially with prices increasing and disposable income decreasing, so more and more people are looking to cut costs wherever possible, and the mobile phone is one area that people are looking at.

Across the globe people have turned their backs on contracts, being tied down for as much as two years with the same plan, paying out a set fee each month for a certain number of minutes worth of call time and hundreds or even thousands of messages which you’re never going to use. So what are these people resorting to? Throwing the phone away? No, that’s going a bit too extreme! In actual fact they’re investing in prepaid phones and topping up the credit as and when they need – and can afford – it.

But this isn’t simply a case of resorting to the only other option, prepaid deals have some real advantages for all kinds of people, and here are just a few:

Occasional Users

For people who only really need a phone to make emergency calls or to check in with their friends of family to let them know they’re safe, there is no point whatsoever in investing in a two-year contract with 500 minutes and 1,000 messages each month because you probably won’t use all of that in the two-year period! By simply topping up the phone with credit as and when you need it, you can always stay in touch without having to pay for what you “might” use.

Parents Paying the Bill

If you’re buying your son or daughter a phone, and you’re likely to be paying the bill, it could be highly beneficial financially to opt for a prepaid phone as it means they can only use what you give them. Once the money on the phone has run out, they can’t use it, so it might teach them to budget and learn the value of money. Plus, if they want extra credit, they’ll have to use their pocket money.

Try Before You Buy

If you are considering investing in a contract, then a prepaid phone could be a good starting point to establish just how much you use your phone and what package you should go for. For example, if you work out that on average you use about 200 minutes each month and send maybe 250 text messages, look into the best contract based around those details as opposed to going for one with 400 minutes and 750 texts, that’s just throwing money down the drain.

One of the best things about prepaid phones is that you are never tied down to one package or one network. If you don’t get on with your phone, you can take the sim card out, sell the phone and buy a new one without having to buy your way out of your contract.

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