The Future of Online Service

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July 2, 2011

It’s no secret that portable wireless services and mobile devices are changing online services and the Internet is dramatically changing along with it. For example, when the 3G vs. 4G debates came out, most people didn’t even know what 3G meant before they were told that it was inferior to newer 4G services. Mobile technology is helping drive the world of online services and innovations even further than we could ever realize with products like the 4G Slide Android Phone. There was a time, not that long ago, when wirelessly connecting to the Internet was a high-tech option that couldn’t be afforded by a majority of people yet now it’s becoming more commonplace than ever. It’s likely that, with further wireless innovations, most services will no longer require stationary routers and our mobility will only improve.

One of the biggest signifiers of this obvious evolution of services is the current 3G and 4G smartphone wireless network. People no longer need ancillary devices to connect and some of these wireless connections are better than many land-based options. Many are comparable to the kind of service you can get with laptops. For example, accessing a 4G mobile broadband network or a mobile hotspot are even easier to access and it’s getting better every day. It’s likely that we will see a shift in the way we think of commuters and, through the use of these hotspots; our computers and mobile devices will start to evolve into an amalgamation of the two.

Currently we can use technology to easily access the web and other applications from practically any location. This increased connectivity has fostered a streamlined culture that is changing, not only the way we communicate in our day-to-day lives but also is revolutionizing the way we conduct business. Not everyone is online right now but these services will become more and more important as a common necessity in the 21st century workplace.

Both Clearwire and Virgin Mobile have unveiled similar portable Wi-Fi hotspots that offer contract-free, unlimited mobile broadband data plans. This new capability has many advantages over other data plans because it will likely make bundled data plans totally obsolete. This is of course predicated on the assumption that current wireless carriers take no steps to become more competitive.

However it turns out, mobile data consumption is exploding and most providers and seeing the trend and want to capitalize on a massive market. The likelihood is high that more and more providers will allow users to break free from current wireless options and go completely mobile. This will allow everyone immediate access to information regardless of location and it’s anyone’s guess how the industry will evolve from there.

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