Tips on how to fix these common mobile problems

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May 29, 2017

Fix a phone that wont charge

There are many reasons as to why a phone may fail to charge, but this is nothing to worry about since there are solutions to these problems. First, you should try to figure out what causes the charging to fail then fix the problem accordingly. Charging problems can be as a result of damaged cables or wall adapters. You can easily determine if the charger or adapter is faulty by trying different ones, you can then replace them if any of them is a problem. If the battery is the problem then replacing is the best solution. The USB port could also be another hindrance to charging, you can fix this by repairing the connectors in the port or removing anything that could be stuck in the USB port.

What to do if you drop your phone in water.
Dropping your phone in water is a common problem that many people will approach with panic. The right way to go about it is taking your phone out of the water and following simple steps to save it. It is important that you switch off your phone after you have taken it out of the water to prevent it from short circuiting; hold the home and lock buttons simultaneously for about five seconds to hard shut down an iPhone or remove the battery to quickly shut down an android phone.

The next step is to remove the sim and memory cards and any removable parts and dry it with a towel or paper towel; do not shake the phone or use a hair drier to dry the phone. After that, you can then drain out any more water stuck in the inner parts using a vacuum cleaner. You can then use a desiccant such as silica gel to dry out the moisture trapped in the phone. Do this by sealing the phone with the desiccant inside a plastic bag or an airtight tin overnight. After this, you can give the phone a few more days to dry out completely before testing it.

What to do if your iPhones home button stops working
The problem with the home button could be as a result of a software glitch. In this case, you can calibrate the button by opening up a stock app and holding the sleep button until the slide to power off appears. If it appears, release the sleep button and hold the home button and the app will close in a few seconds. If this doesnt work, restore your iPhone. For the on-screen home button, you can also download a new one or update the existing app.
If the docking port got misaligned and disoriented the home button, then you can either replace the home button or plug in a USB cable into the phone and lightly push down the 30-pin connector. This will push the home button behind and as you apply pressure, you click the home button, remove the cable and test the button. Cleaning the home button using isopropyl alcohol is also helpful if it is dirt affecting the button. If all that doesn't work the home button could be completely dysfunctional therefore the services of a professional could be necessary.

What to do if your mobile cant sync to your computer
You can easily fix this problem on the iPhone by updating the drivers for the portable devices or by using the iPhone`s original cable. Using a different or fake cable could be a cause for the sync problem. If cables are not working, a wireless connection over wifi can be a solution if you enabled it before. Using the AirDrop with the help of Bluetooth can also help.

How to fix a slow phone
This problem is mostly attributed to the installation of many apps or running many apps at the same time. Uninstalling unused apps and cleaning junk files is a practical solution this problem.


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