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Top Reason Why iPad Mini is Better than Full-sized iPad

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October 6, 2012

iPad Mini is coming out in the market soon and is a possible competitor of Google Nexus 7. Apple has intelligently made the iPad Mini’s features and alike for the consumers. Apple must be aware that there are things you cannot do with a tablet. Like taking photos with iPad is awkward. Still, there is wisdom in creating iPad Mini for you can enjoy games with convenience. There are other reasons why iPad Mini is better than its full sized version and here are they:

1. It’s great to have a full-size iPad given that it can offer you a better view. However, it can easily catch attention for theft. Furthermore, using a full-sized iPad in crowded places could cause damage when accidentally hit by someone.

2. Undoubtedly, using a full-sized iPad for browsing is an advantage, as well as when watching videos. However, it is quite embarrassing to read sensual ebooks with a bigger iPad especially when you are on public areas.

3. You’ll also get confuse driving when using GPS through your iPad.

4. When it comes to using bigger iPad for games especially those require driving, your arm gets tired easily because of the weight.

5. And yes, it is totally annoying to take photos with a full-sized iPad.

6. Since the iPad Mini is a smaller version of the huge one, you can expect a smaller price too.

So after going through the aforementioned reason you can consider buying iPad Mini instead of going for full sized iPad.

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