Adobe launches a new application – Project Rome

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October 24, 2010

Adobe has launched a new application called “Project Rome” which is a content creation and publishing application for consumers, small businesses and teachers. The tool is for users who don’t have technical knowledge in designing applications. Users can create rich multimedia content, websites, design and other stuff without the knowledge of desktop applications like the Adobe Suite. Moreover, Project Rome is currently free for use.

With Adobe Rome, you can easily create documents by embedding graphics, photos, videos, sound and interactive animation. Adobe Rome is available both as an Adobe AIR application as well as browser based application. You can download your creations in various formats like SWF, PNG, GIF, PDF etc.

Creating interactive content, brochures, business cards, flyers etc. can be pretty much effortless with Adobe Rome. It can also be used for creating Presentations, ads etc. For people who have little or no idea on designing but still want to create websites or other stuff for sharing with peers and family like invitations, websites, etc, Adobe Rome is the easiest choice. Things created with Project Rome can also be shared via cloud based services like Google Apps or You can share your creations over Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz via integrated buttons.

Teachers  can also use it for interaction in classroom with students. But the version for teachers is called “Project Rome for Education” which is different from the standard version. Both versions are pretty much the same and support all sorts of media and file formats applicable in designing. “Project Rome for Education” requires any institution to use the Google Apps for Education system pre installed on their computers. Project Rome’s integration with Google Apps integration is safe as it is done via OAuth.

Project Rome supports cloud-based computing and the ability to share files via Adobe, Google Apps, or via the Project Rome Template Exchange. Users can also publish links to their creations directly via Facebook, Twitter, and Google buzz. Project Rome does not currently work on mobile phones and devices.

Project Rome is currently available only for United States and in English language. Now, it is just available as a free preview and very soon Adobe will start shipping it as a commercial application.

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