Anti Tracking feature now on Internet Explorer 9

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December 8, 2010

The latest version of Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 9 has lots of improvements over the older versions. Lots of things like a minimalist design, pinned sites, a single box for address bar and search bar etc. were introduced in IE 9. Microsoft has recently revealed another new feature that will ship with the Internet Explorer 9; the anti-tracking privacy feature.

This new tracking protection from Microsoft lets users choose which third party content to allow and which not. The anti tracking feature will be an opt-in feature. It will rely on the published lists that block the embedded content from third party sites selectively. Many users aren’t aware that their activities are being tracked online and who are tracking them.

Internet Explorer already has a feature called In Private Filtering that is aimed at blocking the third party devices from tracking a user. But In Private Filtering can block too many components making a site less functional. The “Tracking Protection” system is more appropriate as it uses the Tracking Protection list and blocks all the third party content added to the list.

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