Download Ratios for Ebooks by O’Reilly

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October 3, 2010

O’Reilly media’s books on computers and technology have been the favorites of nerds and noobs. O’Reilly offers multiple DRM formats for download. PDF, EPUB and Kindle compatible books are the most popular formats. People prefer to read the books off formats and O’Reilly has produced a neat graph showing the download ratios of O’Reilly books based on file formats.

oreilly ebooks download graph

O’Reilly tracks which of the formats people usually prefer to download and since the beginning, PDF has been the most sought after format for download and can also be read online without installing any software. The graph also shows that the download proportions of O’Reilly books in other file formats are maintaining sort of a steady position. But with the rise of other file formats like EPUB, there’s been a constant deviation from PDF. EPUB can is compatible with almost any device.

(Source: O’Reilly)

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