Foxit Reader releases Security patches

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March 9, 2009

foxit reader patch One of the most popular alternatives for Adobe Reader, the Foxit reader has announced security patches for some of its vulnerabilities that were discovered some time ago. Many of us know that Foxit Reader is a very easy to use tool for reading PDF documents and one need not bear the hassle of installing the software, it can be used by just copy-pasting.The lightweight software has become popular and an alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader because of its full compatibility with Adobe PDF format and low memory usage than acrobat reader itself. One of the bugs in the JBIG2 image compression format that has been exploited by hackers was pointed out by the researchers at Secunia(a Danish company that originally found the bug on Adobe Reader).

The other two bugs were reported by Core Security Technologies, a company that develops penetration testing software. One of the vulnerabilities can evoke a buffer overflow, while the other could be used by hackers to besiege security warnings.

The patches have been released by Foxit Software for Foxit 3.0 and Foxit 2.3. They can be downloaded here. Experts suggest that people should ditch the use of Adobe Reader because it is vulnerable to hacks. With the patch released for Foxit Reader, people can now rely upon this lightweight, easy to use software for reading PDF documents.

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