Google Instant Search trending on twitter

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September 8, 2010

Google has recently launched its Instant Search, a completely new approach to the way we search things on the internet. The real time results are pretty amazing and this is surely going to effect many websites and the overall traffic. Google Instant Search is all over twitter at the moment.

Google twitted “With Google Instant, we predict what query you’re typing & display the results for that query in real-time #googleinstant”. This was twitter about an hour ago as of now and many other Social Media news gurus like Mashable, TechCrunch have twitted similarly about Instant search.

Google Instant search has also been a trending topic today on twitter. The interesting thing is that Google paid Twitter to promote the trend “Google Instant” while another trend “Google Instant Search” also sits in the Twitter Trends list. What’s more bizzare is that the trend promoted by Google “Google Instant” sits at the last position in the trends list while “Google Instant Search” is at the second position(which isn’t a promoted trend).

Google instant Search trend on Twitter

Google Instant Search is going to change the shape of Search behaviors for sure.

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