Google to display more relevant Adsense ads

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March 11, 2009

Google has taken a huge step ahead on targeting the Google Adsense ads. Google has announced that now onwards, the ads will not just be relevant to the content of the website on which it is present but also related to the type of content that people love to see on the internet. Google has launched this “interest-based” advertising as a beta test on its partner sites and Youtube.

Users will now be able to select their interest categories and then see Google Adsense ads that interest them the most. Actually Google sounds pretty convincing on this matter as it says that people would be concerned to see something that fall in their sphere of interest and naturally tend to click on such ads thus making it fruitful for everyone, the advertiser the publisher and himself as well.

Google has a very large database on almost every site in the web. Google knows what a page or a site is about, so it will use the information to know the interests of people as they browse along the sites in their browser. Google then places a user in one of the 600 predefined sub-categories of interest and then targets ads based on that. So, if you are an online gaming freak and you happen to visit a book-review site, its likely that you would be shown ads from online gaming companies along with other contextual ones.

You can also add or remove your interests from the Ad Preferences Manager. Or if you don’t like Google showing ads targeted according to your interest, you can choose to opt out of this program. This setting is saved just until your cookie isn’t deleted. But there is a better solution to it, Google has also designed a browser plugin that maintains the opt-out choice. Google says that the three important features of the program are :Transparency, Choice and Control.

google targeted ads

Users can click on labels to get more info on how Google serves the ads and the data that Google uses to show the ads. In its official blog, Google has also said that Google will expand the range of ad formats this year. So, with the targeted Adsense ads becoming more widespread in the coming days, it is sure to prove fruitful for everyone.

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