How to get the old photo viewer on Facebook

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February 17, 2011

Facebook keeps introducing new features to make the whole social networking experience better. Facebook just replaced its standard photo viewer with a pop up viewer. This pop-up viewer comprises of a light box overlay which at first may surprise you. This viewer was available to a select few for a couple of weeks and they also had mixed reviews about it. Some may like the design but some won’t.

Pashupatinath Facebook Photo viewerThe popup image viewer on Facebook lets you view images without leaving any page. If you click on a thumbnail on your News Feed, you can instantly see its larger version right on the same page, add comments to it or browse through other pictures. While this may fascinate some people, the others may not quite like it. It has some drawbacks that may If you want to go back to the old photo viewer on Facebook, simply hit the Refresh button on your browser (or press the shortcut F5 or Ctrl+R). This will take you back to the classic Facebook Photo Viewer.

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  • Dani

    Dear Admin! Even a screenshot of an image you did not take yourself, don’t have asked permission to post or forgot to credit is considered copyright infringement in other words: stealing) and tells me that you know nothing about running a blog legally. The photographer (in this case, me) is very upset.