Internet Explorer’s Bug Patch to be Released

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December 19, 2008

Microsoft is going to launch the patch for the Internet Explorer’s bug called Zero Day Vulnerability. Because of this bug, several websites suffer from a malicious JavaScript, which targets Internet Explorer 7. It may execute a series of redirections to multiple URLs to finally connect to one of several different domains which may be feeding malware.

Though Microsoft claims that this vulnerability has not much been exploited by hackers, security company Trend Micro has reported that the toolkit for such exploits is being sold in China. It is believed that the websites hosting the exploit have erupt mostly in Asia and 0.2 percent of IE users worldwide had surfed to compromised web pages.

Microsoft has said that it took immediate action to remedy the bug, and the fix will be released in over a week i.e. around Wednesday or Thursday.

“In response to the threat to customers and mindful of the challenges customers face deploying updates during this time of year, Microsoft immediately mobilized security engineering teams worldwide to develop, test and deliver a security update of appropriate quality for worldwide distribution in the unprecedented time of eight days,” said Christopher Budd, who is the security Manager at Microsoft.

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