Mark Zuckerberg has the highest number of followers on Google+

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July 10, 2011

Google+’s rival numero uno Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg is also on Google+. But you’d be surprised to know that Mark Zuckererg has the highest number of followers on Google+ followed just by Google’s co-owner Larry Page. Socialstatistics is a website that shows stats related to Google+. It shows that currently, Zuckerberg is the one with the highest number of followers on Google+.

Google Plus profiles Mark Zuckerberg statisticsAt the time of writing this post, Mark Zuckerberg has a whopping 98,608 followers on Google+. His nearest contender, Larry Page has almost half the number of followers as Zuckerberg- 54,948. Larry Page is followed by Google’s another co-owner Sergey Brin who has 42,077 Google+ followers. Others in the list are Robert Scoble, Vic Gundotra, Leo Laporte, Kevin Rose, Matt Cutts, Mashable News, Markus Persson etc.

Zuckerberg has 70 friends on Google+ but strangely enough Larry Page and Sergey Brin have none. Matt Cutts and Vic Gundotra who are also from Google and on the top 10 list also don’t have any friends on Google+. Others like Robert Scoble, Leo Laporte etc. happen to have a couple of friends.

The website Socialstatistics is currently tracking about 16,000 Google+ profiles. You can also see your social statistics on the website. You just need to provide your Google+ ID, that can be copied from your profile URL and you’ll see some stats for your account as well. The website also provides a widget for embedding on your website.

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