Mashape – A Marketplace for APIs

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November 17, 2010

Mashape marketplace for APIsIt’s already a fact that APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the primary way to distribute and access services. Over the past few years, many services have begun offering an API as part of their core product, rather than a just offering a website or an app. But there are many who don’t offer API.  Mashape plans to embrace the trend of API offering by making any cloud service or application programmable while providing access to thousands of developers who can use it.

Mashape, Inc. today launched the first ever APIs marketplace for apps and services, thus enabling developers to gain easier access to cloud services and components for their projects. For existing applications and cloud services, Mashape makes it easy to generate a ready-to-use simple API and add it to the marketplace, thus providing an opportunity for greater distribution.

The Internet is rapidly moving from simple websites that have just one distribution channel (HTML), to ubiquitous apps and services running on numerous platforms, accessible from any device.  The founders of Mashape Augusto Marietti, Mark Palladino and Mike Zonca hope that Mashape will become a universal way for cloud services to be easily discovered and distributed.

“The problem is that there isn’t a unified place where developers can distribute or consume services – everything is fragmented,” said Augusto Marietti, Mashape’s CEO. Mashape wants to fill this gap by providing a frictionless online storefront for developers who want to consume or generate and distribute a “RESTful JSON” based API for any kind of service.

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