Now OAuth support for Google Apps

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September 28, 2010

Now onwards, Google Apps will support OAuth Login. Google Apps provides a secure and reliable platform for your important data. Google Apps administrators had to sign requests for calling the Google Apps API previously by the aid of their username and password. But this put them into the risk of sharing password across websites which may or may not be trustworthy. Now with the added support of OAuth authorization in Google Apps API, users can securely login without the risk of their passwords being hacked. OAuth authorization system is supported by Twitter API as well.

OAuth is more secure than the client login authorization system and the login tokens can be made to expire after a certain time. OAuth is customizable in the sense that it allows users to give authority for a particular scope and deny for the rest. Developers can work easily with OAuth as it is open source. Before OAuth integration, many Twitter accounts had been hacked and spam tweet messages had flooded Twitter at times.

Here are the Google Apps APIs that support the OAuth signing mechanism.

1. Provisioning API
2. Email Migration API
3. Admin Settings API
4. Calendar Resource API
5. Email Settings API
6. Audit API

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