Now search friends on Facebook in a better way

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November 11, 2010

The friends list on your Facebook profile or the “Edit Friends” page lets you browse through your friend list. This also works on Facebook profile of your friends to see who they are friends with. Facebook has enhanced this feature by letting you search using various filters like city, hometown, school, workplace, interest etc.Search Friends on Facebook enhancedWith the enhanced friend search feature, you can search for friends filtering them by the Name of their city, Hometown, School, Workplace and Interests. The “Interest” feature is really interesting as you can look for friends with certain interests. Like if you want to see which of your friends like the book “Faces in Time”, you can type it and you’ll get a list of friends who like the book. You can search using the names of Facebook fan pages and not the likes from other websites.

This enhanced Friend Search feature can be useful if you need to quickly have a glance at your school or college friends on Facebook, your colleagues and so on.

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