Obama upto appointing Chief Technology Officer

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November 15, 2008

Barack Obama, the newly elected US president plans to create a new governmental official post of a Chief Technology Oficer(CTO), foreseeing the possibilities of advancements in Technology in near future.

The chief Technology Officer will be a personality representing the Technological field who will help the government have the right infrastructure, policies and services for the 21st century. The analysts say that Barack Obama plans to rectify the economic crisis on-head and increase broadband accessibility, so the CTO will be one of his most important advisors assisting him in the economical recovery process. Barack Obama used the internet to a very large extent for social networking, fund raising for campaigns and for engaging the voters. Barack Obama criticized the Bush adminsitration for not focusing much on increasing broadband reach in the rural parts.

The candidates who have been shortlisted for the post are among the very prestigious persons in the Technological realm. Among the candidates are, Vint Cert, Google’s “Chief Internet Evangelist”, Microsoft’s Chief Excutive Steve Balmer, Amazon’s CEO Jeffery Bezos etc.

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  • ladzsunico

    I hope Obama will choose the right man for the position.

  • admin

    There are those high profile people as candidates. I guess almost anyone among them is suitable for the post.