Some great new features in Animoto

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May 29, 2009

animoto logoAnimoto, the End of the Slideshows”-You must have heard this if you’ve ever used Animoto. It is a web application that automatically generates professionally produced videos using their own patent-pending technology and high-end motion design. You’ll just need to upload images and you’ll have a stunning video comprising of your images. You can also add music to your videos. There are some really cool transitional effects available and every time you get different result even for the same collection of photos. You can go try it by sign up and then start making videos from your pictures without doing any technical work.

Animoto has now added some really interesting new features. You can now tweet your video directly from Animoto video player by clicking a button. Just click the Twitter button and you’ll be taken to your Twitter page with a status ready to be updated regarding your animoto video.
If you have used Animoto before, you must have noticed its video player that was not so impressive. Now you can see that the player looks really cool with the clean, transparent grey design, time display toggle between elapsed and remaining time, pop up indicators and so on.  Animoto boasts of its new video player to be smoother in buffering and playback and has fewer re-buffering interruptions. One can also find a share and embed function now like the ones in Vimeo or Youtube.

Another great improvement is the video uploader. Animoto claims that the video uploader is designed to handle large file uploads as well. It also says that the upload time for a video is twice as fast for all uploads now.

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