The best places to work at

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December 31, 2008

Creativity flourishes at places where people get to exercise their brains and body in a cool environment. Glassdoor, a site that surveys about the best workstations around the globe has come up with a list of 50 best companies to work at based on the ratings from the employees.

Glassdoor calls it the Employee’s Choice Awards and released the list based upon the likes and dislikes of 75000 employees from more than 11000 companies who completed a survey conducted on It has conducted the survey for all types of companies including those related to technology, food production, clothing lines etc. General Mills stands on the top among the 50. Technology Giants like Netflix, Adobe and Google rule out the third, fourth and seventh positions respectively. Others like Apple and Cisco Systems stay on 19th and 35th respectively. Microsoft, IBM, Nokia are found nowhere in the list. You can see the full list. But none of the technology giants that fall in the list, have the ratings of “Very Satisfied” Employees. The site also has published a list of salaries for the most popular jobs.

Similarly Fortune Magazine conducted another survey for the Best Companies to Work for. The extensive survey was conducted among 100,000 employees from about 406 companies. Google tops the list whereas other companies in the technological field like Cisco, Adobe, Microsoft etc. lie in 6th, 40th and 86th positions respectively. You can see the list if you like.

Some companies provide better facilities than the others, some keep increasing the number of employees while the others cut down. How would it feel like to work for the companies which are The best places to work at?

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  • Creativity is crucial and without it nothing else happens! Every failure of implementation is a failure of formulation. I worked in the coin-op games business for 20 years in marketing and product development. We had to be creative every day!!

  • Is this bc of Bernie Madoff or just the economy? things are very rough out there right now…I know.

  • Bidhan Adhikary

    Wow, Google is really great!