Two Kinects used simultaneously

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November 29, 2010

Kinect, the “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience” as Microsoft calls it lets users control and interact with their XBox 360 without using a game controller pad. Oliver Kryeros has used two Kinects simultaneously do capture different angles of the same object at any instant.

What Oliver did is use two kinects aligned at 90 degree to each other to focus on the same object. The system merges the data from both kinects. The interference between the different IR-dot grids from two different kinects was a problem but not as big as expected. The kinects would require some specific calibration, first individually and then for the combined result of both the devices. Only one surface of the object isn’t rendered and a third kinect working in co-ordination would be needed. The video shows the effect of using both kinects simultaneously compared to the effect of using only one of them.  The source code is not yet available but will be released soon.

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