You can now download books published by National Academies Press for free

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June 7, 2011

As many of you know, National Academies Press is a US institution that publishes reports issued by the National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicine, The National Academy of Engineering and the National Research Council. About 200 books are published by the National Academies Press every year. The books are on a wide range of topics in science and technology. National Academies Press has recently announced that you can now download books by National Academies Press for free in PDF format.The National Academies Press since its establishment has been delivering valuable content to developing countries and 65% of the content provided was free. Now with this announcement a massive collection of 4000 downloadable PDF books will be available for free to the public. The future reports by NAP are also free for downloading.

You can find books on Agriculture, Biology, Computers, Education, Health, Math, Space etc. on the NAP website. It has been said that the download of books by NAP will go up from about 700,000 PDF downloads a year to 3 million downloads a year by 2013.

You can download PDF of NAP published books from the NAP website. You can download any book from the exhaustive collection of 4000 books.

Source: National Academies Newsroom

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