3 Critical Twitter Tools for Your Social Media Strategy

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July 11, 2011

Unless you live under some kind of rock, you have at least heard of Twitter. The real problem is that those who have heard of and try to use Twitter don’t always know how to properly integrate it into their social media strategy. This article will highlight some of the most critical twitter tools and explain how each fits into your overall social media strategy.

Social Media Aggregators

Regardless of your plan’s scope or intentions, if you want an all encompassing view of your twitter plan’s success, you need to have a social media aggregator. These tools are built to help you view all of the social media information that is relevant to you on one screen. The real benefit of these tools is that if you connect the dots, you have much more information at your finger tips than the simple number of followers and tweets that twitter provides.

There are easy to use free aggregators such as tweetdeck or hootsuite, however you are likely to find some very powerful paid options as well. A strong tip for choosing the right tool is to make sure your aggregator has the ability to show you how your tweets affect traffic to your site.

Social Media Impact Tools

How do you truly measure how much exposure your tweets are receiving? It is easy to assume that your total audience is the amount of your twitter followers, however it isn’t that simple. Your followers could retweet your tweets, or perhaps someone has an automated feed showing tweets from the industry into which you have been categorized, and don’t forget that depending on what you tweet, it could show up as a Google search result.  Any of these actions would greatly stretch the reach of your tweet. The solution is simple, utilize a tool that accurately shows you how far your tweets have gone.

Something like tweetreach is simple and easy to use, however many of the social media aggregators have built in tools for measuring your social media exposure. You are looking for a tool that tells you exactly how many impressions your tweets have received.

Mobile Twitter Applications

While it is always good advice to tweet regularly, it is understandable that you cannot park yourself in front of your computer every hour of the day tweeting. To solve this problem, mobile twitter and social media aggregators are at your fingertips. A great tool for this is hootsuite, as they have a mobile app downloadable for any phone and the ipad. Essentially, all you really need is the twitter app for your mobile device, as your primary need is just to be able to tweet on the go.

As you can see, there are 3 major twitter tools that you are going to need to really help push your social media strategy, and it’s up to you to find the ones that meet your needs. Don’t be afraid to try a few different ones and get creative with how you use them.

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