4 Tips for Selling Your Home Online

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August 3, 2012

Selling your home online is an entirely different experience from selling your home through a real estate agency and having dealt with the latter does not necessarily give you enough experience to be able to sell your home online effectively. However, once you understand a few things about selling your home online, the process becomes easier and more instinctual. You learn to differentiate between prospective buyers and those who are just wasting your time, deals that are profitable and those that only bring you loses and the points you need to advertise to buyers. Before you begin this process, though, you must invest in home insurance in Dubai. The following tips are designed to make selling your home online an easier and more beneficial task:

  • Pick a website that suits your target buyers – Whether you’re living in the suburbs or the city, the website you choose to advertise your home on plays a crucial role in adding to the image of the house itself. Make sure that the website you choose is relatable to the kind of consumers you have in mind and also the kind of home you are selling. If you’re selling an independent bungalow, you might want to look into selling it to a family and similarly, if you’re selling a condo with not a lot of space, you might want to look into selling it to young professionals. Use these factors to determine how you will position your house on the Internet.
  • Make your advertisement as informative as possible – This is highly essential because by answering as much of your potential buyer’s questions in the advertisement itself, you help generate a higher interest than your competitors, who may or may not be selling a similar house but are not as compelling because of a lack of information. Include photographs of every room in the house, the lawn, the exterior and so on so that your consumers can imagine the house with their belongings in it. You may even add a note on the facilities available in your neighbourhood. If there are any shortcomings, be sure to mention them in passing as your consumers may be in for a rude shock once they visit your home.
  • Conduct market research thoroughly – This step will help you determine the market value of your house while taking into consideration any damages or any further construction that may add value to your property. Decide your selling price accordingly and make sure that it is not too much higher than the market value or consumers will be put off.
  • Promote your home as much as possible – In the cut throat world of today’s consumer markets, consumers are bombarded by advertisements nudging them in different directions to try out different products. You cannot hope to sell your house and receive a price that satisfies you by only placing your listings or advertisement on a website and sitting back and waiting. Promote your home as much as possible. Use social media websites to share the links to your page on the website to get views and generate interest. Throw in a few add-ons to your home as an additional means of promotion such as a washing machine or air conditioned bedrooms to entice your potential buyer. Leave a space for comments and questions under your advertisement and reply to them as regularly as possible.

By following these simple rules, it will be extremely easy to sell your house on the internet and come out with profits at the same time. But, before you do so, make sure you understand who your target consumer is and what would appeal the most to them about your home. And don’t forget to invest in some home insurance Dubai to make sure that all your proceedings are legitimate.

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