5 Great Online Tools to Take Advantage Of

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July 20, 2012

If you are running a business, you will always want to effectively manage your resources. One great way to achieve success is to leverage on online tools that can definitely help your business grow. On top of that, there are even sites that will allow you to offset costs while ensuring optimum results.

1. BannerFans
Free online tools are still available these days for personal and business use. BannerFans is one of them which is very useful in making banners, logos and site headers. It can also be used for adding cool captions to some photos. Your output can be easily downloaded from the website. For a better image quality, you may save the images in .png format. With BannerFans, you don’t have to purchase an editing software just to play around with some photos.

2. PickyDomains
In this modern aga, old and new businesses should have online counterpart through a website or blog. In fact, it is easier to create the website if your business is already established. But for people who prefer to setup the site first and base their business plan on it, it is very important to consider a good name. While there might be challenges when venturing into an online business for the first time, there are risk-free services that you can take advantage of like PickyDomains. You can register as a client and start placing your order to find the most suitable domain names and slogan for your business.

3. Evernote
Once you start your business, you will be busy with lots of things. Save yourself from the burnden of remembering your schedule and everyday task by using a handy online tool like Evernote. It is free for everyone which allos quick capture and quick search to make things easier. It can be used to increase productivity aside from staying organized. Another good thing about Evernote is that it can be downloaded and installed on your phone and other digital devices.

4. Bitrix24
The birth of Facebook popularized more social media platforms and even businesses are incorporating this technology within their network. Bitrix24 is a good online tool to improve business communications because it serves as a social intranet which allows quick updates and faster communication. Different types of businesses can take advantage of this tool especially that there is a specific package for every needs. Those with only 12 members can signup for free while bigger groups can register for a paid account. Both setup offers lots of benefits such as free fully functional CRM, project management, planner, task manager and online storage. With Bitrix24, it is easier to collaborate with others when working on projects. File sharing is also possible along with real-time updates.

5. JetRadar
As your business grow, you can plan about expanding it or rewarding your employees with travel benefits. To save from airfare charges, you may want to make use of coupon codes or take advantage of online promotions from deals websites. While Expedia, Orbitz and CheapFlights are very popular source of cheap tickets, there might still be great deals that are not publicly available on their website. So to find better deals or cheaper plane tickets, you can check out JetRadar. It is a metasearch engine which can search through every major flight site, travel agency and all throughout individual listings of 728 airlines. With this, you are sure not to miss any special deals that are usually kept on airlines’ corporate websites and made exclusive for their partner websites.

Startup business or booming business can always enjoy the benefits of these online tools. Some are free and some are available with a minimal fee.

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