Add Google News to your Website

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February 4, 2009

News should be within the hand of every busy person on Earth. But with the updates happening every minute, staying tuned to news all the time is not easy. Sensing this, Google has just come up with Google News based widget for blogs and websites.

This element of Google news on any site will automatically update in every few seconds cycling the fresh Top Stories. Whether your site is about Games, Technology or Fashion, you can control the type of stories and show the news on your site. Google has given lots of options to embed components from Google Maps, Google Docs and more.

Actually this element adds a news slideshow to your site and shows visitors the headlines and excerpts of the news that are based on the topics that you select. You can get the code for the element from the NewsShow Wizard. It is available in two sizes, Leaderboard and Medium Rectangle. Just choose Style, Search Expressions, Search Topics and voila.

So, try the Google News element to show News on your site.

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  • I love this feature as it adds great relevant content to your site. If people love your blog, they will keep coming back to get news you provide for them in their area of interest. i cannot say enough about this feature. It adds credibility for your site.