Add images, Tweets and more to any page with Layers

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October 15, 2010

How often do you bookmark a page or share it over social networks? Sharing isn’t a one step procedure but there are many applications that make it easier. Layers is a plugin  which is available for both Chrome and Firefox and lets you do more with webpages by letting you add sticky notes, images, videos, maps from Google Maps and even tweets to any web page. You can then share it to your family and friends over social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

With Layers addon installed on your browser, you can hover over any site and add a library of components like images, photos, maps, videos, tweets etc. to them besides just commenting. A layers tab will appear towards the lower left side of any webpage and clicking on it will bring up options to add images, photos etc. to the page.

Add tweets, images, maps etc. to any webpage Layers also lets you share whatever you have added to a page across social networks. Add components to a page, talk about it to your friends and then share it to Facebook or Twitter in a snap, all with Layers. You can also share more than 140 characters over twitter by using Layers. It actually strips off your text and adds a link to the full text.

To publish your layer, you need to either sign in with Facebook or Twitter or you can provide and email id and screen name for your layer. But each time you publish your layer on a site without registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email each time. To avoid this, you can either publish via your Facebook or Twitter account or sign up for an account on Layers. There are private layers as well that aren’t publicly visible but can be shared with friends. Here’s a preview of Layers.

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