Apowersoft’s Online Screen Recorder Review

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January 15, 2013

There are times when we need to create screencasts, either for uploading to video streaming sites, sharing your screen with your friends or for other purposes. There are tons of applications that allow you to record on screen videos, make basic edits and save them to a desirable format. There are premium screencasting software like Camtasia Studio, that has a wide array of options for recording screen and adding desired effects. There are also some free alternatives such as Camstudio. However, wouldn’t it be great if you could create screencast videos without having to install any software? If you are looking for such an option, look no further than Apowersoft’s Free Online Screen Recorder.

The free online screen recorder by Apowersoft is a pretty handy tool that allows you to record your screen without installing any software. You will need to have Java installed on your PC though. Just visit their website and click the Start Recording button to initiate the Java applet for onscreen recording. Just wait a few seconds for the Java application to start.

The tool offers various options to make your task easier. You can either record a certain portion of your screen or record the whole thing. You can also change the settings for audio input to feed the audio from your microphone, system sound or both.

A good feature of Apowersoft’s Online Screen Recorder is that it also comes with some handy keyboard shortcuts. Click on the Options button to see the list of Keyboard shortcuts that can be used to control the screen recording process. There are shortcuts available for Starting, pausing, stopping, drawing rectangle, drawing ellipse etc. Clicking on the Recording tab will bring up another set of options that lets you set the frame rate, bit rate etc.

Once you start the recording process, you will see a small toolbar above your recording area. It has the buttons for Play/Pause and a set of other drawing tools. These allow you to draw rectangles, ellipses, and draw strokes using the brush. You can also pick colors using the color picker. If you want, you can add your webcam footage to the screencast as well. This will be especially handy if you are creating some sort of a video tutorial.

Apowersoft’s online screen recorder is a quite powerful and lightweight tool that is suitable for recording screencasts with ease.

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