Autocomplete with Google Scribe

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September 8, 2010

Google never seems to back off from doling out totally new and useful services. Google Scribe now falls in the line of the utilities launched by Google. You are all familiar with the autocomplete feature in the search engines and Google itself. Scribe is an autocomplete tool that assists you while you need to type text, either it be email or anything else.

Google Scribe provides related suggestions based on what’s popular or what you’ve already typed. It also saves keystrokes. Google strike is available only for English now, but will soon be open for other languages as well.

google scribe

google scribe suggestions Google Scribe has a couple of keyboard shortcuts too.

Choose top suggestion Enter or 1
Hide suggestion menu Esc
Display suggestion menu, if hidden Tab
Choose any suggestion Corresponding number (1 to 9 or 0) or click on the suggestion
Navigate through suggestions Up / Down arrow keys. Enter to choose highlighted suggestion
Toggle Google Scribe Ctrl+J
When Google Scribe is enabled, the text field will display the icon at top end corner.
When Google Scribe is disabled, the text field will display the icon at top end corner.
Toggle between “Always” and “On demand” Ctrl+Shift+J

In the dropdown, you’ll see numbers assigned to each suggestion, in ascending order. You can simply hit the number on the keyboard to choose the suggestion.

You also have options for sorting the suggestions. A-Z for sorting in alphabetical order, G to sort according to the Google’s Score, R to sort ty relevance to the text around the cursor and S to sort suggestions based on expected type savings.

You can also see a small flag icon next to each suggestion.

You can make use Google Scribe on any page with this bookmarklet. This will load Google’s scribe into the page you’re viewing and will be implemented on any text area on the page. So, either you’re writing a mail or a blog entry, you can have a rich autocomplete engine on the fly.

The interesting thing about Google Scribe is that it can be a boon to the programmers too. On typing basic syntaxes, Scribe pulls a handful of suggestions that could be exactly what the programmer could be thinking of writing. For programmers, Google Scribe can be developed in the future into some sort of Intellisense packed editor.

google scribe for programmers

google scribe intellisense So, try out Google Scribe. It will surely make things easy while typing.

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