Automating your Email with Tout

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July 12, 2011

One thing anyone who earns their living online or for anyone who spends a lot of time online will learn is  that there are always some things you would like to automate. Automation is the key to creating processes which reduce errors and improve productivity. While almost everything can be automated online , it is still extremely difficult to automate the tasks that require that special human touch.  One of the harder tasks to automate is email writing.  Email writing requires specific knowledge of who you are writing to, why you are writing them, and how you can best convey your message.

Well one new web app has been released to help bring some automation to the email writing game.  Tout ( gives you the ability to create email templates which allow you to keep the majority of your message while still individualizing the message so that it appears unique and specific to the person you are sending it to. With Tout you can create a variety of email templates and using their bookmarklet or web interface send emails which can be tracked.  Tout also gives you the ability to update your CRM system, so that you can still track touch points with contacts in the same place.

Tout also offers you the ability to track the emails you send including if the recipient opened the email and if they clicked on the link you included in the email.  This gives you the ability to test several different templates against each other and determine which is the most effective.  These analytics will allow you to continually improve the emails you are sending and know exactly when a specific person is opening an important email.

While there is still some work you will need to put into finalizing the email you can dramatically reduce the time you spend writing the same email over and over again, and even more importantly you can continuously improve how you are communicating your message. The uses of Tout are pretty endless but examples  include:

  • Thank you emails
  • Email for sales prospecting
  • Follow up emails
  • Blogger outreach emails and link requests
  • Emails for customer service

Tout has several plans to pick from with pricing starting at $12/month – $99/month and they also have a free plan.  For any person or company looking to reduce the hassle with sending email or create a more effective communications process Tout is worth a try.

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