Beautify your CSS with ProCSSor

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September 16, 2010

The outlook of a site mainly depends on its CSS. But the CSS itself can be made to look colorful and elegant. ProCSSor is a great free service that can add bells and whistles to your CSS on the fly.

Procssor- CSS beautifier You can input your CSS by Copy-pasting, or uploading the CSS file. In the settings, you can see a number of handful options categorised under NEAT, PRETTY and AWESOME. You can specify the brace styles like Brace Aligned, Pico, Pico Extra, GNU Saver, GNU, Banner and Horstmann. You can also separate the lines or make the codes appear in the same line. Under the AWESOME options, you can columnize as left or right. If you don’ like columnizing, you can set Indent values and choose to indent with either Space or Tab.

After uploading your file or copy pasting, click on Process. This will show you how the CSS would appear and let you download it. Isn’t that great?

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