Best Private Proxy

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June 3, 2012

There are many options available when considering a premium proxy.  Competing companies offer different types of services at varied prices.  When deciding which is right for you, consider these factors:

  • Available Locations: The best proxy for you will be the one that can customize a package with all of the locations you need and none of the locations you don’t need.  Users who need proxy servers in the course of their work definitely need access to more than just one location.  However, accessing more locations than necessary can prove to be cumbersome…and needlessly expensive!
  • Speed:  The connection speed to your proxies is critical!  Time is money and a slow connection means you are wasting both.  Make sure your proxies are as fast as your regular internet connection and that they are not shared by too many non-professional users.
  • Security & Privacy:  One of the most important features when shopping for a proxy provider is your security.  Find out if the proxy servers are hacked (very bad), rented (not good), or owned (excellent) by the provider.  Also, get information about the hosting facilities.  Find out about the SLA.  And, make sure that your browsing history and personal data will not be sold or given to third parties.
  • Flexibility: The best premium proxy service will be one that offers flexibility.  Can you access multiple locations?  Can you use several browsers?  Is there a secure tunnel VPN connection option?  Can you use the proxies on your mobile device?  Though you may not need all of these options right away, it is a good idea to ensure that your provider offers these options for when the need will arise.
  • Transparency:  Some low-(or no-)cost proxy providers may seem appealing at first.  This is clearly a case of “buyer beware.”  These type of companies often profit from altering the content and advertising you see through their proxy connections.  This is a common practice and to make sure you are truly choosing the best private proxy, you must make sure your provider guarantees transparency.  That is, that the content and ads you experience through their connection are exactly the same as those seen by actual local web surfers in the same area.
  • Credibility:  Finally, do a little research on the provider you are considering.  Find out who their customers are.  Read some reviews by industry experts.  Discover who the company’s owners and managers are.  Make sure you are entrusting your proxy surfing to a company that is legitimate and credible.

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