Browse the internet without using a mouse

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January 15, 2011

Mouse and Keyboard are the best known input devices for a computer for a long time now. Even if you have to intermittently jump between your mouse and keyboard, you can’t resist using the both or part from one of them. But how about browsing the internet with just your keyboard and no mouse? Don’t get scared, you won’t have to switch between Alt+Tab and Alt+Shift+Tab to visit the links. A Firefox addon Mouseless browsing has been built just for this very purpose.
Mouseless Browsing
Mouseless Browsing
After installing mouseless browsing firefox addon, you will be able to browse the web entirely with your keyboard alone. After installing the plugin, you’ll see different numbers assigned to the links and text areas within a website. You’ll also notice such IDs appearing alongside each tab. Click on the icon for “mouseless browsing” from the Firefox status bar. You’ll now see a dialogue box with several options for customizing this firefox plugin. You can disable mouseless browsing altogether via an option at the top. The IDs that appear next to each text box can be enabled on demand as well. On the “Keys” tab located within the dialogue box for mouseless browsing, you can find a list of all keyboard shortcuts or change themn to something convenient.

Mouseless browsing can be really helpful If you need to use the keyboard more often than the mouse. Like if you are a blogger, an article writer or if you need to use Google Docs frequently, you’ll love using the plugin as you won’t have to reach for the mouse for doing simpler and less frequent things. Mouseless browsing thus can be a real time saver for some people.

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