Browser based file manager

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January 25, 2009

A web based file manager is available for you. IT Hit has launched a Beta version of their web based file manager. Wouldn’t it be easy to edit and upload Microsoft Office files like Word, Power Point or Excel on the fly?

browser based file manager To use this service fully you’ll require Internet Explorer as it is not supported on other browsers. But you can view your File Manager in any of the popular browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera etc. If you want to edit the your file in Firefox, you’ll need to install IE Tab, a Mozilla Firefox addon. In internet explorer, you can directly open your file by double clicking it and then edit it via the AJAX browser Interface and save them back on the server. You won’t need to download the files for making basic changes.

The file manager uses the WebDAV XML protocol to exchange data with the server. The file manager is built with Javascript. If you want to test the service you can have a look at the Temporary Test Folder. But the files in this folder will be deleted within 72 hours. You will be given a temporary URL which serves as your file storage and you can test it with various WebDAV clients.

So, have a look at the Browser Based file manager from IT HIT.

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