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December 14, 2011

These days almost every business from small to big has their website. Having a website is vital for all businesses. With the rise of powerful and open source content management systems, it has become easier to build websites these days when compared to the olden days. But still, it may not be the cup of coffee for all individuals, let alone the ones who have slim knowledge of computers and internet. If you are not much of a computer geek but still want to build a cool looking website with minimal efforts, ucoz a free website maker can come handy.

Ucoz lets you create free websites with very less effort. After registering with ucoz, you can choose the necessary modules for building your site such as page editor, forum, photo albums, site news, guestbook, publisher, file catalog, Blog etc. Once you have selected all the required modules for your website, you can move forth to the next step.

The Page Editor module lets you add or edit pages on your site. You are given three pages to edit by default. You can add any number of new pages by giving it a title and adding content using the built in full featured editor. From the page editor,  you can also add widgets and gadgets to your page. You have gadgets like music player, Youtube, Flickr, social bookmarks etc. to choose from.

The forum manager lets you manage a forum on your site. It lets you add new sections to your forum, organize your forums and do more. The photo albums module lets you add photos and organize them in different albums, the site news section on the other hand is basically for feeding news entries to your site. There are many other modules that let you customize your website in your own suitable way.

All in all, ucoz is a great tool for creating various types of websites easily.

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