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October 21, 2008

create your cartoonised avatars If you use forums or online groups then you must have used avatars for expressing yourself. Rather than real photos, cartoons are much popular. But the cartoon you choose as your avatar might also have been chosen by others. Now lets think of something cool. What if you create a funky cartoon of yourself and identify yourself with that. Hey you needn’t be a photoshop specialist for this, Befunky is there for you. is a free service which lets you create a cartoonized character of yourself. I have mentioned about setting a cartoon of yourself as your avatar in online forums but you can use them on social networking sites like facebook, hi5 as well. Befunky also offers a sign up. If you sign up, you can access all of your funky creations later on too.

Befunky offers you to two types of funky tools to pimp up yourself. One is the Cartooniser and the other is UAVATAR. Cartooniser is a tool that lets you warp, sketch or color your photos. While UAVATAR is a tool with which you can create a cutout cartoon of yourself and choose among different tops, bottoms and other accessories  from the digital wardrobe.

To get started with cartoonising yourself with these, first you need to supply an image. You can do this by uploading a picture from your computer or by capturing an image from the webcam. You can also give URL of the image and load it from there.

cartooniser When you select the cartooniser and upload a photo, you will see a page where your photo appears below a list of tools. The Sketch tool lets you set the sketch detail. It also has an option called brightness which sets the darkness of the sketch strokes. The color option is used to set the color level for the image. The less the color level, the more will the original color detail show up. The next is the Warp tool which is used for smudging certain areas within the image. You can try out something crazy like enlarging your nose or ear with it. The last option called the goodies lets you flip the image horizontal or vertical, rescaling the image and so on. Actually this is the tool that lets you add a lot of details to your image. It has a digital wardrobe of accessories like goggles, hat, jwelery and many more which you can drag and drop into the image.

uavatar cartoonise yourself UAVATAR first creates a cartoon for your head and then lets you add the accessories. After uploading your photo, you crop it and then outline the boundaries of your head. Then your photo will be cartoonised and you can select a skin tone for your face. After that you select a body of a male or a female and place your head in it. After that your image will be saved and you will be taken to “My Items” from where you select the outfits for your avatar. So try out different stuff and make yourself look cool.

Befunky is also offering a video cartooniser very soon.

So, create cartoons of yourself and be funky with

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