Chargify: A Billing System For Your Site

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January 23, 2012

As businesses continue to move to the online front it is becoming more and more common for sites to have online stores or paid online services. And with that comes the responsibility of running a payment system that is convenient to your users but can also avoid problems with things like bad credit cards. Here as an option for small businesses is Chargify.

Chargify lets you send your users to a secured page where they can insert billing information and pay via credit card. And when they pay, you can use Chargify to set up different billing options and packages. What if you want to have three different packages? What if you want to give your users a free trial or freemium options? Chargify lets you do all of this. And you can even toy around with different options to see what works best.

Aside from just providing a medium to bill your customers with, Chargify also tracks and analyzes the data your site gets from billing. Doing so will let you know be able to see transactions, revenue, and an overall look at how your billing model is working. Also Chargify will deal with any credit card problems that your customers may have, managing the entire dunning process. It will automatically deal with processing credit cards and any problems that may arise with late payments or invalid cards.

Chargify also lets you have a customized page. Rather than a default page that looks nothing like your site, you can customize the page so that customers never feel like they have left your site. Chargify also offers other features such as the ability to have coupons and discounts, 24/7 support, an iPhone app, and the ability to have an unlimited amount of customers.

The service also makes a case for why it is the best for small businesses rather than the de facto alternative Paypal saying that it has more robust analytics, customizable payment pages, and offers a simple flat rate as opposed to charging fees. However, ultimately you need to look at what you can afford and what features you need before committing to Chargify, but it is definitely a full –fledged option if you are an online business.

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  • NP

    How does Chargify address if customer defaults on payments?