Circlehack – Friend Circles tool for Facebook

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July 2, 2011

Google+ has created a lot of buzz among social media lovers. People around the world are dying to try out the much coveted Google+, the recently launched social network by the search giant Google. Google+ seems to be loaded with a lot of cool features of which one is the friend circles. Friend Circles on Google+ let you manage your friends and filter them into different groups. A week hasn’t passed by after the launch of Google+ and the guys at Facebook have already come up with a similar tool for Facebook. Circlehack is a tool created by some engineers at Facebook which is pretty much like the Circles in Google+. Circlehack is the circles for Facebook.
Circlehack friend circles on Facebook like Google+
Circlehack for Facebook isn’t a bundled feature that comes with Facebook. Visit Circlehack and authorize it via your Facebook account. Once done, you’ll see an interface with a list of all your friends and the friend groups that you already have. You can create new friend list or friend circles on Facebook, manage old friend groups etc. It looks very much similar to the Circles on Google+. You can also see how many friends you just added to a circle on a quick popup.

This tool isn’t fully functional in a way though. Once you drag a friend into a Facebook circle, there is no way to remove them using the tool. You have to do so by going to your friend groups on Facebook and remove the person from the group in the traditional way. You cannot set the privacy settings for the groups you create through Circlehack on Facebook.

Circlehack is indeed a neat copy of circles on Google+ and it helps to manage your friend circles on Facebook easily.

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