Create bundle of fonts with Awesome Fontstacks

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October 22, 2010

Are you creating a website and looking for a matching set of fonts? It could be difficult for you to decide as there are thousands of fonts and now with CSS3 you can even use the fonts that aren’t on the visitor’s computer. Awesome Fontstacks can create bundles of matching and beautiful fonts and also generate the CSS code for it on the fly.

With Fontstacks, you can create a bundle or a stack of free web fonts that look good with each other. You can choose the headline font, paragraph font, monospace font, decoration font etc. and finally grab the CSS code for it.

There are more than 100 font bundles currently in their library. You can also choose a font bundle from their library. While you copy the generated CSS code, you also need to download the fonts in the bundle separately as Fontstacks doesn’t host them. You can also login via Twitter and save the font bundle that you created on Awesome Fontstacks.

Fontstacks can be of real help if you are looking for beautiful font combinations or font stacks.

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