Customize Youtube Videos for Embedding on Websites

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December 17, 2008

A great way to provide information to people is through videos. If you are a blogger, you must have embedded videos from Youtube, Revver, Vimeo etc. to your articles to create much interactive posts. Well the most ubiquitously seen embedded videos in most of the websites and blogs are the ones from Youtube.But the embed code provided by Youtube gives a very general video player which may or may not match the template of your blog. Youtube has added many cool options for adding annotations and managing playlists but still the video sizes are not much customizable, borders are absent and full screen mode option is also missing. Haven’t you ever wondered if you could customize those Youtube Videos and make them look more beautiful on your site? Well if not then think about it, helps you with that.
customize the youtube videos for embedding on websites or blogsVTube Tools gives you a unique embed code containing your customization options for Youtube Videos. You first need to enter the video id of the Youtube video. In the video link, the Video id is N0gb9v4LI4o. Below that you will see a lot of options for customizing your video. You have options to include or exclude Autoplay, Border, Full screen, Loop, Display related videos, High Quality etc. You can set the color of the Video Player by entering the hexadecimal color code and also get the video in desirable size. When you select “Yes” option for Custom Player/Skin Background, a new pane appears at the right which lets you play with other multitude of options like, the Background Color, Background Image, Margin, Title, Font, Background Border etc. Finally press the button “Get Code” to get the Embed Code. You will get two different codes, one for Myspace and another one for your blog or website. Copy the required code and embed it in your blog as you used to do earlier.
customize youtube videosA couple of customization options are also available within Youtube. You can see the URL and the Embed Code of a video at the sidebar in Youtube when a video is being loaded. Click a small button near the Embed code to expand the pane. This allows you to choose some of the color schemes and sizes. Well if you are the owner of a video, then you can have a little more customization options. This video will show you how to do it.

So with these tools and tricks customize any Youtube video the way you want and give a much better appeal to your blog or website.

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