Delete direct messages on Twitter easily with InboxCleaner

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December 10, 2010

There are twitterers who post really useful stuff and you’re tempted to follow them even if they don’t follow you back. But in case of your friends, you generally follow each other. This makes sending direct messages easy and you won’t have to head over to your email account just to send a one liner to your friend. This habit of yours must have accumulated lots of Direct Messages or DMs on your Twitter Inbox. Cleaning up your Twitter inbox can take a lot of time if done manually. Thanks to InboxCleaner that makes cleaning up the Twitter inbox snappy.

Twitter Inbox CleanerUsing this online application is very easy. Open up the site and authorize InboxCleaner with your Twitter account. Once done, you’ll get the options for deleting items from your Twitter inbox. You can completely empty your Twitter Inbox or selectively delete all the messages from a user. For the latter, enter the twitter username of the user whose messages you want to get deleted. After a while, all messages from the user will be deleted from the Direct messages section of your Twitter account.

InboxCleaner deletes the direct messages sent to your Twitter Inbox in a matter of seconds which would have otherwise taken a couple of minutes. it definitely is a time saver.

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