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Digital Certificate that secures all your sub-domains called a wildcard certificate

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September 10, 2012

Today, gradually commerce and business transactions are taking shelter of online technology. That is why security becomes a concern for such on-line transactions. When a visitor insert credit card no in the website’s payment box, he never knew that the site is legitimate or not. If the site does not have security, then it will be a bad experience for online buyers. A skilled hacker can capture information from online transactions therefore; SSL security is necessary for online business. Netscape created first SSL protocol in 1995. It creates a security layer between HTTP and TCP (Transport Control Protocol). SSL uses a private and public-key data encryption system and includes a digital certificate for validation purpose.

It contains information such as a serial number, the name of the user, expiration dates, and the user’s data encryption key. However, there are two types of SSL certificates. First, traditional SSL certificate that permits the user to validate access to a unique resource, and the second is Wildcard grants the user to authenticate access to numerous stored subdomains on a single digital certificate. Sub-domains like showed under covered under a wildcard certificate.


You would stipulate the wildcard by inserting an asterisk (*) before the primary domain name in question. If you are a web administrator having several subdomains, a SSL Wildcard certificate is the best option to secure your business. Securing each subdomain with an individual certificate can get costly. Some mobile devices like window mobile 5 does not support wildcard certificate. For that, you have to purchase a single certificate or wildcard SSL Plus. Else, wildcard is a comprehensive security solution that provides unlimited server licenses without any extra cost. It enables fast and automated process.

RapidSSL Wildcard and Thawte Wildcard are some well-known certificates among online business. It allows up to 2048-bit encryption as per different business needs. If one server becomes vulnerable, then all sub domains will become defenseless. However, SSL certificate providers are now permitting clients to issue multiple Wildcards utilizing the same domain for each server.

Summary: Wildcard certificate is effective for saving cost and time for e-commerce. Customers easily put their trust on protected sites, and wildcard is the best answer for it. It supports in increasing profit of an organization. Wildcard certificate is getting more popular among business owners worldwide.

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